Description of Property Watch

The Property Watch service is an online subscription service that sends automatic notifications to registered proprietors and other interested parties when a transaction is lodged against a Certificate of Title or multiple Certificates of Title not exceeding One Hundred per subscriber account. Persons who subscribe to this service must have a distinct proprietary interest in the property and a determination of the interest will be made by the Land Titles Division upon submission of the proof of ownership or authorization (which must be in writing and properly witnessed) and proof of identity. Persons who may subscribe to the service include the registered owner, Personal Representative and an Attorney-at-Law or agent acting for and on behalf of the registered proprietor.
The Property Watch service will notify the subscriber within twenty-four (24) hours of any dealing that has been lodged against the Certificate(s) of Title being watched. The Notification will be sent via e-mail and the subscriber will be given twenty-four hours after the notification is sent to alert the NLA if the transaction is not legitimate.
The Property Watch service will alert the subscriber about proposed changes to a Certificate of Title before they happen thereby minimizing the likelihood of a registered proprietor becoming the victim of fraud by losing his/her entitlement via a fraudulent Transfer or finding his/her Certificate of Title being encumbered e.g. by a Mortgage, Lease or other dealing.